Oare Village Hall Refurbishment Project

A major programme of enhancements to bring the Hall into the 21st century

Now that Oare has lost its pub, the Village Hall is the only remaining centre where people can meet and take part in village and community activities. Each year the Oare Village Hall Committee organises as many different events as possible, whether held in the Hall or elsewhere a plant and produce sale, the Easter trail, our summer show, food nights from around the world and carols at Christmas.

The Hall is also used by a range of organisations Farming Club, Oare Mothers and Toddlers, as a venue for yoga and dance classes, and as a meeting place for the Parish Council, among others. It is also our local Polling Station.

Oare Village Hall is showing its age originally built in the 1970s, it was extended in the mid-1990s, but has had virtually no major work done to it since then. Although we have maintained the fabric of the building, it is in urgent need of an upgrade.

The Hall eats money huge electricity bills, high insurance premiums, the need to pay for waste collections, and health and safety requirements. If we are to survive, we need to reduce some of these outgoings, as well as making the space much more user-friendly and attractive to users.

Phase 1 has now been completed

Our fabulous new kitchen has now been installed.

We have also put in an insulated suspended ceiling to stop all the heat disappearing straight out of the roof. This will also vastly improve the dreadful acoustics in the Hall, as well as allowing us to install new LED lighting. These changes should have a material effect on our electricity bills, which will help the Hall remain viable.

And we have recently finished cleaning and repairing the gabled roof, and have replaced the very old and leaking flat roof over the extension.

kitchen at oare village hall
Artist's impression of the new kitchen © Howdens Joinery

Funding the work

All this costs a great deal of money and the Hall has almost no reserves.

We have raised some funds from a National Lottery grant to go towards the cost of the kitchen and have received several extremely generous donations locally. However, we need to raise a lot more, not only to finish paying for this first phase of the project, but to shore up our reserves for the future.

Phase Two refurbishment plans for the Hall include:
- installing windows on the back wall to improve natural lighting
- replacing the aged and inefficient heating
- installing Wi-Fi to encourage new users such as small businesses and training companies
- buying new tableswhich take up less room and are easier to use
- generally future-proofing the Hall so that it remains a valuable asset for the community

ceiling at Oare village hall
Work on the new ceiling and kitchen

How you can help

All donations made at the annual Christmas Music and Carols evening at Manor Farm, Huish on Friday 21st December (with many thanks again to James and Lygo Roberts) will be going towards the Oare Village Hall Refurbishment Project.

And if you would like to make a separate donation, please contact our chair, Victoria Le Sueur, at vjlesueur@gmail.com.

Thank you for supporting the Village Hall and ensuring this last remaining community space has a future.

Oare Village Hall Committee
- Autumn 2018

04 Jan, 2019 | Phil

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